Do You Need To Find A Missing Family Member?

Losing touch with a family member is hard to take, if you don’t know where they, how can you contact them?

We’re the UK’s leading service for finding your family member...

We trace over 50 family members a day. We trace their EXACT address for you, so we’ll have you back in touch in no time!
Best of all, the address we provide you is guaranteed to be correct or your money back!
We’re the risk free choice because we work on a ‘No Trace No Fee basis’ so if we can’t find your family member you don’t pay!

find family members

Our expert researchers use the latest people tracing systems and their years of experience to trace your family member.

Don’t remember much? Don’t worry our researchers can find a family member with only snippets of information. And they have access to data going back over 100 years.  This means they can find people from many years ago, like we recently did for Caroline Barton when we traced Colin the brother she had never met...
“I couldn’t believe I’d spent 40 years looking for him and then you found him within 48 hours. It was amazing. I’d always think of Colin and had being looking for him since I was 14 years old. Now you’ve found him for me I’m able to buy my brother a birthday present and that’s the best feeling in the world”

And what did Colin think about being found? “I’m still shocked. It’s unbelievable after all this time to suddenly have this new extended family. It’s the perfect gift”

How can we be sure we have traced the correct person?

We take the details you supply and cross reference them on our systems. Once we have an exact match, we perform some final checks before supplying that information to you. Don’t worry though, we are professionals and because we are so good at what we do, we guarantee the results we provide...

So what are you waiting for?
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  • We guarantee that we’ll trace the exact person you’re looking for!
  • This service is No Trace No Fee, so if we can’t help, you don’t pay a penny!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


This service is covered by our unique People Tracing Experts Guarantee. Unlike other trace companies we guarantee to trace the exact person you are looking for, or you don't pay a penny!

Read What People Say About Us

  • "I used finder Monkey to find my long lost relative and it was a very quick success. If your looking for someone then I would definitely contact them. A+" Gemma Arnold - Manchester
  • "I'm 45 years old and have been looking for my father for 30 years. I'd tried the Salvation Army, phonebooks and internet but all to no avail. I called FinderMonkey and spoke to Dave who was very confident he could find my father despite me having very little information. I never thought he could find my Dad, I'm forever thankful to Dave and all at FM. If anyone is having trouble finding someone then FinderMonkey would be a very wise choice."Nicola Gare - Romsey
  • "People Tracing Experts reunited me with my birth dad when my family refused to help. All I knew was my dad's name and date of birth. After a short time I had spoken to and met my dad and we now have a great relationship. I have also spoken with my grandparents and keep in touch regularly. The hole I always felt in my life is no longer there. I cannot thank the team enough and will recommend them to anyone who could use their services." Amy Edwards - Perranporth
  • "I had been looking for my half-brother for over 10 years with no luck, until I found FinderMonkey limited, I explained everything to them, and I chose a 10 day search. They said it would cost £99 if they found him and nothing if they didnt. They contacted me after 9 days for further info and they found him on the 10th day. They did everything in a professional and friendly way, i highly recommend them, and I will definately use them again if I need to!"Carl Crossley - Prudhoe
  • "I'm so very happy that you have information on my sister. I haven't seen her for over 30 years!! It will be a very exciting phase in my life and I thank you very much for this." Jeanette G. - Herrnburg, Germany
  • "Thank you so much. I finally got to meet my grandmother in April to let her know her family had never forgotten her and her newly discovered Australian family will be with her when she celebrates her 100th birthday this month." Sarah Hutson - Brisbane, Australia