Debtor Tracing Is All About Accurate Results...

We trace your debtor to their new, current address – Guaranteed or you don’t pay!

We work on a 'No Trace No Fee' basis, so if we can't locate your debtor, there is no charge for our efforts and best of all we GUARANTEE our results!

And it couldn’t be easier to get going...

1. Click the button below and fill in our debtor tracing order form
2. One of our expert researchers will call you to run through the details of your case
3. We’ll find your debtor (success rate over 91%)
4. You pay £75 (incl. VAT)  and we send you your guaranteed results via email

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If you are trying to issue court proceedings, enforce judgements, or simply make contact with a person who owes you money, then our legal and ethical debtor tracing search is exactly what you need...

We trace debtors discreetly and with only snippets of information like we did for Mark Wagstaffe the owner of CS4B based in Sheffield...

"I have used FinderMonkey to trace many debtors for many of my clients. The service they offer is speedy and they manage to find even the most elusive of people. Having been involved in credit management for more than 20 years I can safely say they are the best company in their field that i have come across"

Standard Price Just £75 - No Trace No Fee

We're different from other debtor tracing companies as our standard reports make sure you...

  • can contact your debtors immediately as we provide available telephone number including mobiles at no extra cost!
  • know if your debtor is worth pursuing as we include previous court judgements in our reports!
  • can pursue them quickly with our fast turnaround times!

How Can We GUARANTEE to Trace The Correct Person?

As one of the UK's leading Debtor Tracing services,  our expert researchers access the highest level of data available on the whereabouts of UK citizens, this could be credit or consumer data and we cross reference this with the information you provide and our own systems. Only when a researcher has an exact match for your debtor at their current address would we supply this information too you.

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  • We guarantee to trace the exact person you’re looking for!
  • This service is 'No Trace No Fee', so if we can’t help, you don’t pay a penny!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


This service is covered by our unique People Tracing Experts Guarantee. Unlike other trace companies we guarantee to trace the exact person you are looking for, or you don't pay a penny!

Read What People Say About Us

  • "I have used you on numerous occasions and I find the whole team very professional and easy to do business with. The service they provide is great value and each enquiry is dealt with in an efficient manner." Sue Stephenson - Levi Solicitors LLP - Leeds
  • "I asked them to find a person to allow me to instigate legal proceedings against them, within three days the correct information was supplied for a reasonable cost which was declared to me before the search, no hidden or extra costs. Polite and helpful customer service, they did exactly what it says in their name! Impressive service which I would highly recommend and definitely use again." Rose Reynolds - Pencader
  • "I'd heard about these guys and I needed to trace a tenant who left owing rent. They said that as the person had just left it might take a few weeks for them to show up again but they had every confidence they would find the person. True to their word, they found the persons new address a few weeks later and we were able to pursue the debt. Knowledgable and courteous service, would definitely use again." Chris Shaw - Landlord - Rugby
  • "Excellent service! The person I was trying to trace was found in a matter of hours. Very quick out of hours response and good value for money. Can recommend without hesitation and will use again." Michael Spencer - Melton Mowbray
  • "I have found your services to be very useful and discrete. I used it to help find my ex for maintenance payments and current/past property's he has owned or lived at. They also supplied me with additional details I wasn't expecting like when property's were sold. When I phoned them they were polite and helpful and I was satified with the speed they turned this around." Shirley Doyle - Morden
  • "Thanks for your swift service, I'm very impressed." Mr. P. Dodd - Lancashire